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October 2015
Senators News


Toby Turner, Bruce’s son, e mailed me a few weeks ago. I was delighted to hear from him, as nobody seemed to know where Bruce had gone. Toby gave me his number and I was able to ring him and we had a long chat. He told me that after he left ‘The Loot’, he and his partner went as a duo playing clubs and cruise ships. In 2000 he gave up gigging and now runs a courier business in Manchester.

Troggs News

Me and Colin


During research for the new film of ‘Wild Thing’ we managed to locate Colin Fretcher; ‘The Troggs’ Musical Director and ocarina player on ‘Wild Thing’.

He now lives in Weston-Super-Mare and plays keyboard in a jazz band called the ‘Dark Town Strutters’.

We arranged to meet him for lunch at Nunney near Frome and learnt the background of how he first heard Chip Taylor’s version of ‘Wild Thing’.  He told us that after we had finished our recording of it, he had to run down the street to buy an ocarina, an instrument he’d never played before.  He then had to tape up all but three of the holes to play the famous solo.



June 2015

Me and Chip Taylor

Monday 1st June, 2015 was a very special day for me. Al Grindley invited Chris Britton and me to The Potters Heron in Romsey, where he was filming an interview with Chip Taylor for a film entitled The Story of Wild Thing. As I had never met Chip I was very eager to have the chance to meet the man who, with his song, changed the lives of four Andover lads.

I arrived midday only to find that Chip was resting in his room, however, he came down to reception and we had a good chat. Great to be able to tell him I was looking forward to his show that evening at The Lantern Theatre.

Al was intending to do more filming, during evening rehearsals, and wanted us to be there. I do not know if it was pre-arranged, but to my surprise Chip invited Chris and me on stage to play "Wild Thing" and "Anyway That You Want Me".

From nowhere a bass and guitar appeared. Having not played the numbers for many years and "Wild Thing" in a different key, I was a bit worried, but after a run-through, I soon relaxed!

Me and Chip Taylor Photo (c) Mr Trev Photography

Playing Wild Thing


At 8pm Chip appeared on stage with John Platania, his very talented guitarist, and they ran through songs from his albums, including "Angel Of the Morning". In the second half he introduced Chris and me and invited us to join him on the stage. We played "Anyway That You Want Me" and after a tribute to Reg we played "Wild Thing".

The evening will always be special to me as Brenda. (Regs wife) Pat, (Ronnies wife) and their son Darren and, Hilary, my wife all shared this unique evening.

Chris Britton, John Platania, Me, Chip Taylor Photo (c) Mr Trev Photography


February 2015

John Walker has sent me some demos of TEN FEET FIVE tracks from the 1960s
You can hear them here TEN FEET FIVE

December 2014

Some old newspaper cuttings have emerged which can be found on the 10Feet5 page

June 2014

Senators Get Together in Washington

May 2014

My 70th fantastic surprise party - I had been led to believe that my wife was taking me out for a quiet meal, and the real celebration would be a week later. So, when I arrived at the venue, I was totally overwhelmed to find all my family, friends and old band mates had come together to welcome me and had orchestrated some real musical entertainment. A Troggs medley, a superb duo and then, the real party piece I was 'encouraged' to join in. It was a wonderful experience and it's great to have such talented musicians amongst my friends. I know it's a night I'll always remember.

My Surprise Party

left to right: A. Brill, L. Mann, C. Brill, L. Munkley, K. Taylor, H. Staples, Opkar and A. Kennedy

December 2013

Please note a change in our telephone no: 01256 358725

October 2013

My son Leo found this YouTube video, and we had a giggle, as it's a song I wrote about F1 racing 10 years ago. We did send it to F1 and they promptly threatened legal action!! Hence, it was shelved!!

Someone has found a copy, added a racing film and put it on YouTube! Great when something pops its head up again after so long. Just wonder who did it?


September 2013

Some years ago I wrote, and recorded a demo, of this song about Basingstoke. Recently, when my friend Dan Putty, became Mayor he was pleased to use it as background music, at appropriate events, during his Mayorship. I was delighted with Dan’s decision and so glad the song was to be heard. The Gazette recently themed some articles about Basingstoke being a place to be proud of, which we should be!! To this end, I’ve added some photographs which I hope show a little of what Basingstoke has to offer.

The Basingstoke Song

August 2013

A few months ago I was contacted by a Paul Graham from Radio NL a Canadian Radio Station. They were holding a charity day supporting M.S and asked me if I'd say a few words. The interview goes out on Thursday 22nd on and my contribution is timed for approx 11.30 pm GMT (3.35 Pacific time.) I know that Billy J Kramer has also been interviewed and his slot is timed for 9.45 GMT. Approx times as show is live.


May 2013

Eurovison Thoughts 2013

After an excellent rendering, by Bonny Tyler, of a mediocre song, my BP is rising, yet again, when I realise that our entry is NOT the best this country can produce. The song is chosen by an unnamed BBC official, usually the artist records the number in Nashville (don't we have excellent studios in the UK??) and we pay a substantial amount of money to the European Broadcasting Union to be in the final. Can we really let the BBC go on wasting OUR money like this and making us the laughing stock of Europe?? I don't accept it's always 100% political - does this apply to Ireland, France and Spain. They were below us this year. I did propose to the BBC last year that, perhaps, songs could be sent to local radio stations and for the best to be picked nationally, but it reminded me of the childhood notes I used to send up the chimney to Father Christmas suggesting all the things I'd like - to no avail!! COME ON BBC - get your act together, and consider those who are paying you, and put a bit more effort in!! Let's see our Flag where it should be - at least in the top 5 every year.

February 2013

Reg Presley passed away


January 2013

Memories of TenFeetFive with Tony Taylor

A link to the interview I did about Wild Thing earlier this year
Click here

Added link to Radio Berg in Sweden

New photos added to Troggs and Ten Feet Five

July 2012
Inspiration for Songs

June 2012


Broadcast dates for the interview with Astrid as follows:

Radio Basingstoke: 18th and 20th June
Monday's and Wednesday's Breakfast Show between 7am - 9am

Covent Garden Radio: 18th, 20th and 21st June
Monday's and Wednesday's Breakfast Show between 7am - 9am What's On Show Monday and Thursday 5pm - 6pm


7th of June was also the date of my interview with Astrid of Radio Basingstoke. We had a long relaxed interview, tea and biscuits on her couch! Will let you know when it is due to be broadcast.

Pete with Astrid of Radio Basingstoke

New York Interview

For a feature called "Rock and Roll 101" on the music news website, I was interviewed for an upcoming column on the making of "Wild Thing." The feature will also include interviews with producer Larry Page and the song's writer, Chip Taylor. It's expected to be posted in July, I will let you know when it is available


I am doing an interview with Astrid from Radio Basingstoke on Thursday 7th and on Wednesday 6th doing a trans Atlantic interview with a Radio Station in New York, more details soon.


May 2012

May 30th

I had a good live interview with Roger Day of BBC Kent on Wednesday, we chatted about the old days.  He played some of our old songs and some of my new material.  A really hard working friendly station.  The recording is retained on their site for 6 days.

In the BBC Studio with Roger Day


I'm just finishing writing and performing a sexy Troggs type number, which is sounding great. As soon as that's finished I will put it on the site.


Roger Day of BBC Radio Kent has invited me to do a live interview to "chat about The Troggs and my current music".

This will go out on Wednesday 30th May at 7.00 and, much to my surprise, covers South London, Oxford, Brighton, Surrey, Southampton and Berkshire, so that's good!!

Peter with Roger Day