The Troggs 1966

The Troggs sailing home from New York

Ronnie Bond (Bullis) - Drummer

Ronnie was a good heavy drummer and had a very good voice, possibly the best in the group. His frustration could be heard by the continued use of the F word. Ronnie sadly died in 1992. Underneath the drink and the frustration was a very kind bloke.

Reg Presley (Ball) - Vocal, Ocarina and song writer

Pete Staples - Bass Player

Chris Britton - Lead Guitar

Sorry about the quality, but here is a rare photo of us having our first riding lesson at Shepherds Spring in Andover

Our First Riding lesson

After a bit more practise here's us in the USA circa 1967/8

Riding in the USA

Reg, Chris, Ronnie, Me and Stan Philips

We often stayed in Manzi's Hotel in London, here's Ronnie reading Mickey Spillane

 Ronnie Bond Stan Phillips

the photo alongside Ronnie is our manager Stan Phillips somewhere in America

The Troggs Just before a TV appearance

The Troggs just before a TV show.  Note how I'm sitting crossed legged and my arm hiding my broken fly zip!!

SS Maasdam

The SS Maasdam, the ship which brought us back from New York in 1967

Me steering the MS Mazdam

Me steering the SS Maasdam, aye aye Cap'n!

Reg tasting crepes on the SS Maasdam

Reg tasting crepes on the SS Maasdam

We Meet Ali


We meet M. Ali (Cassius Clay)


And a great achievement for a British group, shame we never got paid for it.....


We hit No1 in the USA with Wild Thing


Troggs Berlin Zoo 1960s

'The Troggs' in Berlin Zoo 1966/67 'Don't feed the animals'!!

USA 1967 Birthdays

These were taken in a Southern state of America at a Holiday Inn (We always stayed in them). They have baked a cake for us as Ronnie and I shared very close birthdays. We think it must have been May 1967. The hotel manager presented us with the cake.

Birthday 2


'Looking back on my memories of Reg, I'm grateful that he sang one of my songs 'Oh No', so I'd like to add it to my site as a tribute to him. It's special to me, as I don't believe he sang, during my time with the band, any other songs written by the group members. Even more special, as I know he found it a hard song to sing, but he put his all into it".

You Tube Video of 'Oh No'

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