The Wild Things Band 1999

The Wild Things

Leon Munkley – drummer and vocal

Having Leon in the band was like having Ronnie there without the F word. Leon was a good heavy drummer and had a very good voice as well.

John Fletcher – Lead guitar

Leo Staples – Rhythm guitar

Leo is very reserved, but you could rely on him 100% when things got tough. I asked him to play the guitar at my brother’s funeral and he sat by the coffin and played with tears rolling down his face. I don’t know how he did it.

Pete Staples - Bass Guitar



Moon – Lead Guitar

Moon was very much like Chris Britton; quiet and a talented player. Moon teaches guitar around the schools in Berkshire. Listen to Moon’s guitar solo on ‘Would I Survive’

Andy Kennedy – Saxophone

Andy was our hero. The night our lead guitarist got drunk Andy played all the solos as well as his own stint. At the end of the evening his lips were very red and swollen, we said it was like a baboon’s bum!!

Peter Jenkins - Drums

Pete was a nice reliable drummer who wore ear plugs while playing, but he never missed a beat. If the gig went a bit quiet we would turn to Pete and say ‘Let there be drums’, his solo. That would get everyone back on the dance floor.

Sadly, he passed away a few years ago. It was a pleasure to know him and have him in the band.

Opkar Hans – Drums, keyboard, guitar and vocal

To have someone in the band with that much talent was marvellous. You’re never stuck when you have someone that can play nearly every instrument. I never saw him play the bass, but I bet he can do that as well.

Pete Staples - Bass Guitar

Leo Staples - Guitar

Wild Things

Wild Things at The Marriott Forest Hotel Birmingham

and here we are again at my daughter's wedding

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